Ms Kylie Wrankmore

Reception Teacher
Bachelor of Education - The University of Tasmania
I began my teaching experience in a remote Aboriginal community in the North of Western Australia. During my time here I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of working in a remote location and with our indigenous population. I very much enjoyed exploring the diverse landscapes that the Australian desert has to offer. I then moved to London, where I began supply teaching with all year levels and then received a role in a local school. I worked as the Year 2 teacher and later became the PPA teacher. I very much enjoyed learning about the British school system, whilst being able to explore beautiful London and the UK. I then moved to Thailand and spent three years working in Bangkok. Here, I worked in a wonderful British School, where I spent two years in Reception and one year in Year One. During my time in Thailand, I was able to explore any countries in Asia and learn about their cultures. Through my experience working in the Early Years all around the world I have developed a passion for ensuring Early Years environments are inquiry based, child centered, hands on and fun. I have a wide variety of interests and hobbies; my main interest is being physically active either at the gym or in the outdoors. I participate in CrossFit, which is my favourite sport and I enjoy participating in group classes and local competitions. I also love to spend time in the outdoors, especially on my weekends or in the holiday’s. I love hiking, scuba diving, rock climbing and water sports. My interest in the outdoors has taken me to many beautiful destinations around the world. I love to travel, visiting new cities and countries, trying local cuisines and learning about new cultures.