Financial Aid

We are committed to broadening access to pupils who would benefit from an education at the school by offering financial support to parents who are unable to afford full fees. The level of support provided varies but is typically between 10% and 30% of school fees and is subject to means assessment.

Parents seeking financial support are required to complete an application form. The Financial Aid Committee will assess all applications and may request a meeting with the parents to ensure that the information declared has been correctly interpreted and, therefore, that the financial assessment has been carried out in a fair and consistent manner. Each case is assessed on its own merits and financial aid is offered accordingly. The committee’s decision on all applications is final.

All awards are reviewed on an annual basis and may be increased, decreased or withdrawn.

There are limited funds available for financial aid. Therefore, in order to allow the school to offer financial assistance to future applicants, we would be grateful if parents would consider repaying all or part of the grant received when and if their circumstances allow.

Financial aid is generally considered under the following circumstances:

  • A family already at the school who have had a significant change of financial circumstance such as loss of a job or serious illness to an income earner. In such cases, financial aid would not normally be approved until the pupil has completed at least one academic year at the school.
  • A family who pays their own fees and does not have the financial resources to pay full fees.