Playground Buddies

Written by João Milton Saibrosa (Year 4)

They help the teachers by being their eyes and ears. Every playtime, there are three buddies; one on the multipurpose court, one in the Early Years playground and one in the area close to the dining room. They all have lots of important jobs but the three most important ones are: keeping an eye on the Buddy Bench, helping the teachers to stop conflicts by being good role models and to help everyone to tidy up at the end of playtime.

The Buddy Bench is a very important part of the playground because that’s were you sit when you feel like you have no one to play with or nothing to do. The Buddy’s job is to help you to find someone to play with or help you get the toy you want to play with. Sometimes, if the buddy can’t help you find a friend he or she can play with you.

The Buddy will help to stop conflicts when needed. If the buddy cannot resolve it, the Buddy will tell a teacher immediately. Buddies can have fun while doing their job. For instance, if there are problems in football, the closest Buddy can become the referee of the game.
The playground will be messy by the end of playtime and the buddy has to set a good example by helping to tidy up. The Buddy has to put every toy they get in the right place and remind people to tidy as well.
Being a playground buddy is really fun and helpful.