Book Week

Written by Ines Ribeiro and Gaby Heery (Year 4)

We had such an amazing time during book week this year. In year 4, we were focusing on the fairytale ‘Hansel and Gretel’ by the Brothers Grimm. To celebrate this story, we created a door design inspired by the witches candy house in the story. We created lollipops, sweets and gingerbread men to decorate it. We learned how to write an informal letter, using the story for inspiration. We pretended that we were Hansel or Gretel and wrote to our parents, asking them to help us to escape from the Witch’s house. Working in teams, we created designs for a real-life candy house. We then built these using only edible products such as biscuits and chocolate. It was very messy!
Across the school, a lot of wonderful activities were organised such as a costume parade, KS2 quiz, Little Red Riding Hood play and a visit from a Brazilian author. We really loved book week and can’t wait for the next one!