Reception visit to Geranium

On Thursday 30th March, Reception went on a trip to "Geranium", a local organic farm.
Thursday, March 30, 2017

As part of our "Mini Beasts" topic we were able to see and search for a variety of Mini Beasts. We learnt about the Brazilian Bee's and their beehives, and we even got to taste the honey that the bees made, which was delicious. We were able to see their worm farm and the children learnt about the important role worms play in making nutritious soil for the plants at the farm. We learnt how important all insects are in helping to maintain a healthy planet. Just to name a few, they help to break down waste, help to pollinate plants, they are food for other animals and they eat other insects, they provide humans with products (honey, silk) and let us not forget many of them are very beautiful to see.

As well as looking for and learning about some insects, we went on a big walk into the forest where we were able to see many trees and plants and learnt about the fruits and vegetables that the farm is growing. The farm uses its own produce to cook delicious food and they sell their produce in a local market.

After this the children were treated to a very tasty organic snack, which consisted of huge pieces of delicious fruits, healthy sandwiches and homemade juices. The farm is completely environmentally friendly and it is a great place to visit learn about some of the strategies they use.

How can you be more environmentally friendly within your homes?