House Sports Competition

Term 1 House Sports Competition
Friday, September 6, 2019
The tension was high around the school before our annual House Sports Competition. There was running, throwing and passing but most importantly… there was loud chanting! But who would win 100 points for their team’s overall, end of year total? Would it be the Vikings, Saxons, Romans, and Normans? 

Middle School competed in a football challenge that involved teamwork, passing skills and beating a timer. The Normans really excelled in knocking down the cones in the goal and showed super teamwork and support for each other. They also completed a similar challenge requiring their basketball skills, where the Romans showed fantastic determination to shoot their ball and beat the timer. 

Primary School showed their speed and agility during wacky relay races against the clock. They also developed their throwing skills, where the Vikings displayed incredible hand-eye coordination when hitting targets. 

It was very difficult to wait until Monday to find out the winners but all the Saxons jumped for joy when Valentina in Year Six waved the green flag in the air! Well done, Saxons!