The Great Egyptian Explorers

Our intrepid Year 3 explorers spent an afternoon discovering Egypt's ancient history.
Thursday, September 8, 2016

One sunny Thursday afternoon in September our brave adventurers set off to find out what they could about Ancient Egypt from the traveling ‘Museu Egipcio’ expo.

As they entered the shopping mall, they were confronted by Tutankhamen’s golden sarcophagus and a stone sphinx, which led the way to the dark rooms of discovery. Upon entering, our brave investigators were met by Queen Nefertiti. They quickly discovered many statues of Egyptian gods such as Ra, Osiris, Horus, Bastet and Isis. They learned to decipher some hieroglyphics with the help of the Rosetta stone.

Then they spotted the pillars and the door of the temple. They had discovered the mummy’s tomb! They crept into the darkened room, not wanting to disturb the wrapped body laying in the glass case, surrounded by its protective scarabs and canopic jars. Creeping further and further into the darkened room they found the most beautiful treasure of all – the golden sarcophagus. Decorated with hieroglyphics, the beautiful coffin was painted to look like the young pharaoh.

Following these amazing discoveries the adventurers were met by a wise man (the museum curator) who helped them learn about the gods and their roles and also explained the process of making papyrus. After a quiz to see what amazing discoveries they had made they were given a gift of a papyrus bookmark to take home.

What an amazing voyage of discovery for our young Egyptologists!