Buzzin’ at BSB

For the last month of the year, everyone from Pre-Nursery to Year 4 has been toiling like a worker bee – learning lines and songs, making props, painting sets and sewing costumes for our end of year production, The Bee Musical.
Monday, June 19, 2017

Bees are vitally important creatures as they pollinate over one third of the crops grown for food but they are facing a crisis. The Bee Musical is a story about life in a beehive where the bees are finding it harder and harder to locate enough pollen to make honey and they are starving. Grumble Bee comes up with a plan to let the townspeople know how important bees are to the food chain before it is to late. Led by Grumble Bee and helped by Tumble Bee, Jumble Bee and a host of worker and drone bees, the hive work together to tell the townspeople (the teachers) how they can help protect the bees and prevent a catastrophe.

In addition to learning about bees, the musical carries over a number of important current themes, such as the importance of working together and environmental issues. Through Emma and Niki Davies` uplifting score, BSB students had a unique opportunity to merge many curriculum areas in a creative, amusing, and cooperative environment.

Every student at BSB performed, from our youngest in Pre-Nursery, singing 'Bee Bop'; Nursery and Reception singing 'Bee Mine'; Year 1 singing 'Thinking Caps' and Year 2 singing 'Nectar Team'. Year 3 and 4 lead the way singing 'I Want to Feel Important' and the 'Bees Knees'.

This was a huge collaborative effort between parents, staff and children and was a wonderful end to a very buzzy first year at BSB!

Cast List:

Narrators - João Milton, Alex, Pedro, Young Min
Grumble Bee - Anna
Tumble Bee - Yasmin
Jumble Bee - Luiza
Mr Maxworth - Davi
Mrs Maxworth Valentina
Dennis - Alex
Mouse - Pedro
Guards - Matheus, João Pedro
Nectar Team - Tamara, Sofia, Lucia, Hidaya, Kaynara
Bee Team - Helena, Jojo, Maria Eduarda
Queen - Inês
Drones - Felipe, Tiago, Guilherme, Leo, Thomas, Ísis, Maytê, Giovana
Newsreader - Young Min
Business Bee - Feilpe
Farmer Bee 1 - Gustavo
Farmer Bee 2 - Henrique O
Flowers Year - 2
Thinking Bees - Year 1
Drone Singers - Reception & Nursery
Nectar Singers - Pre-Nursery W & Pre-Nursery Q
Townspeople - Teachers


Set and props - Mr Fagon and Mrs Campos
Year 3 - pollen baskets & pollen
Year 4 - pollen, flyers
Costumes - parents
Year 2 - flower heads
Posters - Year 4
Programme Cover - Davi
Filming - Mr Thomas
Music - Mr Scheidemantel
Direction - Ms Henderson