BSB Lions Home Game

BSB Lions were back in action against the BIS Eagles in the return leg at home.
Wednesday, March 27, 2019
After last week’s crushing defeat in their first-ever match, the BSB Lions were back in action against the BIS Eagles in the return leg at home. The main talk in the build-up centered around who would be in the starting five and squad.

The Lions’ manager (Mr. Sousa) opted to stick with the same starting five from last week: Santiago (Y6), Rafa (Y4), Artur (Y4), Felipe (Y6) and Tiago (Y5). There was a slight change in the squad this week with Miguel and Pietro making way for Suwan (Y4) and Nirupam (Y6) and Oriol (Y6) coming in to join his brother Quim (Y4) and joint top scorer Jão Pedro (Y5) on the bench. And after some impressive performances in training, Guillheme (Y5) came in as a backup goalkeeper to complete a formidable line-up for the home side.

In the early stages, the game was evenly matched as the two sides jostled for superiority and The Eagles took the lead. The Lions refused to let their heads drop and Mr. Sousa used his bench with devastating effect as his team dominated possession and eventually the match by running into what proved to be an unassailable lead. 

The level of sportsmanship shown by both teams was a pleasure to witness and it was great to hear the encouragement from the sidelines as teammates encouraged and supported each other as well as the respect they showed each other at the end.

Mr. Sousa could not hide his pleasure at the final whistle and refused to name outstanding individuals but preferred to talk about the excellent team spirit within his squad. Mrs. Thomas stated that as a Leicester City fan, she was not used to seeing such a dominant display by the team she is supporting!