Book Week 2018

During the week commencing 23rd April, BSB enjoyed an action-packed Book Week!
Monday, April 23, 2018
During the week commencing 23rd April, BSB enjoyed an action-packed Book Week! The adults in school were blown away by the children’s levels of enthusiasm, positivity, and engagement. Well-done BSB! Here is a glimpse into our week….

We started the week with a house reading competition in our Monday assembly. All children in Primary switched their reading brains on to answer a variety of book-related questions. These included famous book quotes read by the teachers. Hats off to Mr Thomas and Mrs Thomas who delivered their lines particularly well! Miss Kelsall was more than happy to announce that the Saxons stomped to victory, earning themselves three house points each. Go Saxons!!

On Monday children were visited by the wonderful storyteller Tatiana. She read a variety of marvelous stories both in English and Portuguese. The sessions were fun and interactive. Author Yana Marull also presented her fantastic books to Years 1-5. She shared her love of Science and Nature and read her book about the Amazon and Pantanal to the children. They enjoyed making their own little books inspired by her work. On Wednesday, we dreamt the day away in our comfy pyjamas! The older children thoroughly enjoyed reading bedtime stories to Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2. They were incredible role models-kind, caring and nurturing. At the end of our busy week, the whole school enjoyed watching the Theatre Company perform Little Red Riding Hood. Both the set and the acting were superb! Our lunch was also rather special. We were treated to a book inspired menu. Highlights included fresh mud burgers (James and the Giant peach) with squiggly wormy spaghetti (The Twits) Spaghetti and meatballs. On Friday, in order to celebrate our brilliant week, children came into school dressed as their favourite book character and participated in a fancy dress parade.

In addition to the enrichment activities, each class was asked to choose and produce work based on a fairytale. Examples of the work produced included: fairytale Maths; design a door for the competition; building houses out of sweets; creating presentations for sharing assembly and a ‘Be our guest’ tea party.

Everybody thought Book Week was a huge success and can’t wait until next year’s Book Week.