Mr James Joyce

Reception Teacher and EYFS (Early Years and Foundation Stage) Coordinator
Bachelor of Education From the University of Chester Certificate of Law from the University of Chester English Language Teacher in Belgium Nursery - Reception Teacher in Manchester Nursery Teacher in Manchester
After graduating from the University of Chester I worked in Liege, Belgium as an English language teacher before returning to the UK. I lived in Manchester, UK for seven years where I worked across the EYFS phase in various schools. I am passionate about the environment and as part of this enjoy spending much of my time outdoors. I am an avid gardener and am eager to put my skills and knowledge of this to good use here at The British School of Brasilia. As a vegan, I often grow fruits and vegetables which I am able to prepare and cook for myself. Travelling has always been important to me, taking opportunities to explore and learn from other cultures. I enjoy learning languages and presently speak French and Italian and I am taking this opportunity to learn Portuguese whilst living here in Brazil. In my spare time I enjoy reading and listening to music. When possible, I enjoy working with wood, carving and whittling small pieces for pleasure.