Ms Hadassa Campos

Portuguese Teacher
Pedagogy Degree in Faculdade da Lapa (FAEL). Training/ courses on : Identifying bullying at schools; Specific Early years course; ‘’Avanço nas hipóteses de escrita com mediação em consciência fonológica e fonoarticulatória’’; ‘’Consciência fonoarticulatória + jogos’’; ‘’Alfabetização pelo método das boquinhas: Curso modular com assessoria na implantação’’.
I have work within early years education since 2009, initially as a Teacher assistant at a bilingual school in Brasilia and then I was promoted as a teacher at Maple Bear. I worked for about four years with Nursery children. Just before joining BSB, I worked at the Swiss International School in which I was a substitute teacher for Early years and Primary classes. I have a wide range of interests, but my main passion is spending free time with my family and exploring nature. I like to travel by car to nearby places and do jungle treks, find waterfalls, camp and enjoy the landscape view. I have a 2 years old daughter and a very special husband. They are my partners in all these adventures!