Mr William Wardrop

Teacher/Mentor Year 5B
- BA (Bachelor of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) English Literature from Cardiff University. - MA (Master of Arts) Creative and Critical Writing from University of Sussex. - PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) from University College London.
I was trained to teach on the Teach First Programme in the UK and spent 3 years at an outstanding Primary school in Newham, East London. Working across both KS1 and KS2, I have a wealth of experience working with children of all ages and a range of special educational needs, including autistic, dyslexic and deaf pupils. I have recently completed my BSL Level 1 (British Sign Language) and have integrated sign language into my class’s learning. At my last school, I was also Religious Education Lead, a fascinating and rewarding role, especially in the diverse community that is Newham. As my studies may suggest, I am particularly passionate about reading and writing, and will look for any opportunity to suggest an exciting writing activity for my class to get their teeth into. I have had the pleasure of teaching at The British School of Brasilia since 2022. I am very active, love to swim and cycle and most recently taught myself to surf. I am something of a football nut, having travelled around much of Britain, Europe, Australia and New Zealand watching games. The thought of moving to Brazil, with its rich footballing culture, had me very excited (although, please do not ask me the Swindon Town score on a Monday as it will most likely make me sad). Aside from sport, I love reading, writing and exploring new places.