Mr David Thomas

Year 1 Teacher and Personal Development Coordinator
BA (Bachelor of Arts) Honors from Bournemouth University PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) from the University of Buckinghamshire Google Certified Educator COBIS KAA (Karen Ardley Associates Council of British International Schools) Middle Leader
I have been teaching now for over 17 years, but it makes me feel very old to say it out loud. I began my career as a P.E. teacher but moved to a Primary classroom 9 years ago. I worked for 6 years at the original British Schools Foundation school in Beijing before moving to Sao Paulo with my wife to assist with the Foundation’s start up of our first school in South America. I also strongly believe in creating active, fun, practical scenarios for students to explore, play and learn within. I am a big supporter of the creative use of technology in classrooms to further the independence and curiosity of our young learners, and to prepare them for the ever-changing, modern world. As you probably guessed from my history in Physical Education, I could happily spend all of my free time playing or watching any and every sport imaginable! If I am not playing sports then it is probably because I am out hiking with my wife and dogs. I am a passionate believer in the power of the media and spend lots of time, personally and professionally, creating websites, apps, and video material for the school. Once I am thoroughly exhausted then I will seek out the nearest hammock to relax in with a good book. Another passion is finding wonderful restaurants to eat in and to ruin all of my hard work from the gym!