Year 3 Assembly - Ancient Egypt

Walking like Egyptians, Year 3 transported us back 3000 years to Ancient Egypt for their sharing assembly.
Monday, September 11, 2017

In their history topic they have been investigating ways to learn about the past, through artefacts, reading in books and creating artworks. Parents were treated to a pyramid display as they entered the assembly and the children demonstrated how to make a mummy with the help of the not-so-careful Rahotep and his assistant.

We met Tutenkamun, who was disappointed that her pyramid wouldn’t be ready for her party at the weekend; her architect who, with the help of 400 or so workers would try to have it ready in 19 years or so, if they work quickly; Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvan who helped discover the tomb in 1922, and a host of narrators who helped share all of the learning Year 3 have done over the first six weeks of term.

You can view their wonderful work here