Olympic Games at BSB

Our Year 2 students planned, designed and officiated their very own Olympic Games for the Reception class.
Friday, September 9, 2016

The current topic in Year 2 is the Olympics and this week students were taught how to measure lengths and distances using meters and centimetres. They also learned about ordinal numbers and how they are used in sporting events to position competing athletes. 

At the end of the week the children put all of their new skills and knowledge to the test by designing and officiating their very own Olympic Games for the Reception class to take part in.

They attempted long jump, javelin throwing, curling and a variety of track events. The Year 2 officials did a fantastic job of explaining and demonstrating the events, measuring the results and then recording the data.

We finished the day with a medal ceremony on the Olympic podium where the Year 2 students awarded the Reception students with gold medals they had made in their Art & Design class earlier in the week. Well done to both classes for such a fantastic event!
Year 2 and Reception Olympics